Bachelor's and Master's Courses of Study

What is Grünenthal's Opinion of a Bachelor's Degree?

In general, one must distinguish between the fields of natural sciences and economic and social sciences. A bachelor’s degree generally will not suffice in research and medicine or clinical development. This general requires a PhD or postdoctoral degree. 

If you are interested in a field in economic or social science, though, a bachelor’s degree may be an adequate qualification. As a family-owned corporation, Grünenthal places a great deal of value in this area on personality, demeanor and social skills.

As a graduate with a bachelor’s degree, do I have any chance at all against a graduate with a master’s degree?
In principle, all applicants have the same chances, regardless of whether they have a diploma/master’s or bachelor’s degree. Differentiations will only be made based on field of application and the requirements of the respective division.

Is it possible to write my Bachelor's/Master's/Diploma Thesis at Grünenthal?

Yes, it is possible to write one’s final thesis at and with Grünenthal. It is required to have a suitable and relevant subject and there has to be sufficient capacity for mentoring in the division.

How long in Advance should I send Grünenthal my Application for such a Thesis Project and whom should I send it to?

We recommend to apply as early as possible, as soon as the timeframe for the thesis work has been established. Ideally, this should be approximately two months before your desired date of commencement. However, if there is an acute need or a current subject in one field, acceptance may even be granted within two weeks.

May I approach Grünenthal with an existing proposed Subject or will a Subject be assigned to me?

We do not have a final thesis platform at present. However, if you are interested in writing such a thesis at Grünenthal, a topic will be proposed to you in the division you are interested in. But you are also welcome to approach us with a subject or field of interest.

Will I be paid for a Final Thesis?

Yes, at present, you will receive a monthly remuneration of € 750 gross for diploma/bachelor’s/master’s theses. You will then be working for Grünenthal during the time in which you write your thesis.